Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Instructor Madeleine Steiner

Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Instructor Madeleine Steiner

About Physiotherapist Madeleine Steiner

Madeleine began her career through a love for anatomy and human function found during her Bachelors of Health Sciences, prompting her to go on and complete a Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney.

Through clinical experience in hospitals, Madeleine has developed a keen interest in musculoskeletal pain, post surgery rehab, hand therapy as well as sports injuries such as knee pain in runners.

She has experience in treating neck, back and joint pain and sporting injuries of patients of all ages, from young children to the elderly.

What Madeleine treats

  • Neck & back pain, with an emphasis on office workers
  • Sports injuries such as acute shoulder injuries, knee injuries (especially long distance runners) & ankle injuries
  • Nerve related pain such as sciatica and other long term nerve irritations
  • Joint & muscle pain
  • Long term ankle & foot pain such as plantar fasciitis & achilles pain
  • Childhood injuries & pain

Madeleine’s hours

Physiotherapist Madeleine Steiner is available for appointments:

  • Tuesdays 2pm-8pm
  • Thursdays 2pm-8pm

Madeleine also runs several Clinical Pilates classes throughout the week. For more info on Clinical Pilates, see our Clinical Pilates page.

What to expect at your first appointment

Your first Physiotherapy appointment will be about 30 minutes long. During this time Madeleine will discuss with you your medical history in relation to this pain or injury as well as other relevant information such as daily routines like office work or sports, which may be contributing to your pain. Madeleine can then assess your injury or pain via movement based tests to confirm what may be the cause of your pain.
These tests may include orthopaedic testing, a spinal examination, postural assessment, muscle testing, and neurological testing. During this initial assessment patients will typically receive treatment unless it’s un-safe to do so.
Return and ongoing visits are usually 30 minutes long and offer treatment & periodic comparative assessments to work towards your goals.

  • Physiotherapy fees

  • The fee for an initial consultation with a Physio is $130 (allow up to 30 minutes)

  • A standard consultation is $113 (allow up to 30 minutes)

  • A long consultation is $170 (allow up to 1-hour)

  • *Private health funds generally cover a portion of our fees, depending on your level of cover.

  • *Seniors and Students receive 10% off if they visit 'off-peak' between 8am and 12pm, Monday through Friday.

How to make an appointment

To get started, give clinic reception a call on (02) 9878 5021. The clinic is open 8am to 8pm, 7 days.