Osteopath Dr Kevin Finnan

About Osteopath Dr Kevin Finnan

Dr Kevin Finnan (Osteopath)

After suffering from chronic back pain through his late teens and early 20’s, Kevin discovered Osteopathy and was so impressed with the relief and results he experienced that he decided to join the profession, and enrolled in the 5 year course.

After completing both his undergraduate and Master’s of Osteopathy at  what was then known as the University of Western Sydney (now ‘Western Sydney University’), Kevin for several years juggled working as an Osteopath in a variety of clinics around Sydney, in addition to teaching Physiology, Anatomy, and Clinical Neurosciences to Physiotherapy, Exercises Physiology, Podiatry, Occupational Therapy students, as well as other medical and allied health students at the university for several years.

In 2009 Kevin started Ryde Natural Health Clinic, and soon after reduced and eventually dis-continued his teaching commitments to focus on leading the RNHC team.

As the principal Osteopath and Managing Director of RNHC, Kevin’s vision is to bring the knowledge and skills of osteopathic treatment to the people of Ryde, and to implement and expand the use of multi-disciplinary clinical settings in private practice throughout Sydney- where each practitioner can bring to the table their own strengths, delivering improved patient care, and better patient outcomes.

What Osteopath Dr Kevin Finnan treats

Like many Osteopaths Kevin would say that he ‘treats the person’ not ‘the injury’, and thus would be happy to treat pretty much any musculoskeletal injury or pain that walks through his door. In practice however, most people who visit Kevin see him for neck, back or joint pain, particularly chronic neck, back or joint pain be it a result of an injury, joint degeneration, postural habits or otherwise.

An incomplete list of what Kevin treats would include:

  • Neck pain arising from the muscles, nerves or joints
  • Headaches including tension headaches and trigeminal neuralgia
  • Tension, back pain or stiffness in the upper or lower back
  • Nerve related pain such as sciatica and other nerve irritations
  • Long term ankle & foot pain such as plantar fasciitis & achilles pain
  • RSI related pain and discomfort in the arms and wrists, include ‘tennis elbow’ or ‘golfers elbow’, and
  • Wrist pains, including carpal tunnel syndrome.

Typically, Kevin treats adults from 15-70 years of age. If you’re under 15 or over 70, it’s not that Kevin can’t treat you, it’s just that he probably isn’t your best option, and that another member of the RNHC team would better suit your needs.

Pregnant? Kevin is happy to treat you at any stage through your pregnancy from conception through to your waters breaking for any and all of the muscle, nerve, and joint pains you may be experiencing. If however you develop pregnancy-specific pain, he is likely to refer you to another member of the team who works primarily in this area.

In a nut-shell, Kevin treats muscle, nerve, and joint pain, and if he isn’t an appropriate practitioner to treat you, he will send you to the person who is.

Kevin’s hours

As Kevin is the Managing Director of the clinic, and a great deal of his week is fulfilling this role as well as other external commitments, Kevin is available to see patients across less hours each week than most other practitioners. Consider this when deciding which practitioner to see, as Kevin is not available for appointments outside of these hours:

  • Mondays 2pm – 8pm
  • Thursdays 2pm – 8pm

What to expect at your first appointment with Osteopath Dr Kevin Finnan

Your first Osteopathy appointment with Osteopath Dr Kevin Finnan will be about 30-40 minutes long. During this time Kevin will discuss with you your medical history in relation to your pain or injury as well as other relevant information such as daily routines like office work or sports, which may be contributing to your pain.

Kevin can then assess your injury or pain via movement based tests to confirm what may be the cause of your pain. Tests that may include orthopaedic testing, spinal movement assessment, postural analysis, muscle and joint testing, and neurological testing.

Kevin would generally provide treatment to patients in their first appointment unless it’s un-safe to do so. Sometimes, he’ll refer for an x-ray or MRI, however this is usually not required.

Return and ongoing visits are usually 15-20 minutes long and offer treatment & periodic comparative assessments to work towards your long-term goals.


Initial Consult: $120 (allow approximately 40 minutes)

Standard Consult: $90 (allow 15-20 minutes)

*Private health funds generally cover a portion of our fees, depending on your level of cover.

How to make an appointment

To get started, give clinic reception a call on (02) 9878 5021. The clinic is open 8am to 8pm, 7 days.