Osteopath Dr Jordan Rosewarne

Osteopath Dr Jordan Rosewarne

About Osteopath Dr Jordan Rosewarne

Osteopath Dr Jordan Rosewarne offers solutions for neck, back and joint pain, as well as headaches, migraines, sporting injuries and persistent or chronic pain. 

Jordan began his career through a fascination of human movement and function and how we could influence this as practitioners. Prompting him to complete his Osteopathic degrees at RMIT University in Melbourne.

Working as a sports trainer with rugby and AFL clubs and gaining access to premier Sports Doctors and Physiotherapists allowed him to further his injury prevention and injury management knowledge. Additionally he completed a Strength and Conditioning internship at a renowned Melbourne S&C company to facilitate peoples return to function.

He is experienced in treating neck, back and joint pain and sporting injuries of patients of most ages, from teenagers to the elderly. To complement these experiences he travelled to India treating in several hospitals alongside Orthopaedic Surgeons and Physiotherapists aiding with rehabilitation post-surgery.

He strives to take a holistic approach to your health exploring all aspects to achieve an active healthy lifestyle. Outside of servicing you he enjoys the outdoors and traveling, watching AFL (funnily enough a Sydney Swans supporter) and reading any books you recommend.

What Osteopath Dr Jordan Rosewarne treats

Jordan treats a wide range of musculoskeletal aches and pains, however most patients who visit him visit for:

  • Low back pain/ disc related injuries/ sciatica
  • Neck pain, headaches and migraines
  • Shoulder pain
  • Joint pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Muscle strains and ligament sprains, and
  • Persistent and chronic pain

Jordan’s Hours

Jordan work’s with us full-time. Appointments are generally available:

  • Wednesday – 2pm-8pm
  • Thursday- 2pm-8pm
  • Friday- 8am-2pm
  • Saturday- 2pm-8pm

What to expect from a treatment

Your first appointment with Jordan is expected to be approximately 40 minutes long. Jordan will ask questions about your current presentation, how the symptoms presented and when. He’ll then use this to formulate an understanding of why you’re experiencing the symptoms you are, with reference to previous and current medical history.

From here Jordan will ask you to do some movement assessments to see what moves well and what doesn’t, and also do some orthopaedic and neurological testing to see what reproduces your symptoms and what doesn’t. From here Jordan will formulate a diagnosis and explain the appropriate management going forward and the required timeframe to do so. If it is not something within his realm of management he will refer you to the appropriate practitioner.

Treatments normally involve a hands on treatment based around soft tissue work, resistive movements, and joint manipulation. Following this Jordan will re-assess to note improvements and will often prescribe exercises for you to do at home, that aim to stretch, stabilise or strengthen the appropriate areas.

Follow- up (‘standard’) appointments are roughly 15-20 minutes long, and follow a similar pattern of monitoring progress, hands-on treatment, and progression of exercises prescribed.

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Initial Consult: $110

Standard Consult: $90

*Private health funds generally cover a portion of our fees, depending on your level of cover.

How to make an appointment with Osteopath Dr Jordan Rosewarne

To get started, give clinic reception a call on (02) 9878 5021. The clinic is open 8am to 8pm, 7 days.