Yoga classes

Looking for Yoga in North Ryde?

Ryde Natural Health Clinic is home to Remedial Massage Therapist and Yoga teacher Tom Clarke, who has been practicing Yoga for over 20 years.

Tom began to explore Yoga outside of the flexibility path in 2017, and has evolved his teaching style to teach Yoga with mindfulness of the body, combining a perspective of balance between flexibility, strength, breath control alignment and meditation.

Classes are tailored as much as possible for the student so you will be comfortable in your practise yet challenged just enough to work up a sweat. Most people have tight muscles, especially around the hip joints and shoulder joints, usually from sitting for long periods. For this reason, Tom’s classes are focused on stretching slowly, and gently lengthening the muscles throughout the body and linking it all to the breath calmly. Classes are also focused on correct technique of the poses to engage the correct muscles so all the muscle groups switch on at the right time. Long term, this will help the body become stronger throughout the day to avoid tightness and to prevent injury.

Classes run for 75 minutes, 60-minute physical practise and 15 minutes of breath work and meditation. Currently, they are held at 6am on Wednesday and Sunday. Your first class with Tom is FREE – simply click on the ‘Book Online’ button on this page, and book into any Yoga class via the ‘group sessions’ tab.


First class: FREE!

Ongoing classes: $25 (casual) $210 (10-pack).

How to get started in Yoga:

Your first class with Tom is FREE – simply ‘Book Online Here’, and book into any Yoga class via the ‘group sessions’ tab.
Alternately, call clinic reception on (02) 9878 5021 (8am – 8pm, 7 days).