Remedial Massage Therapist Leah Dwyer

Remedial Massage Therapist Leah Dwyer provides evidence informed manual therapy treatment for musculoskeletal pain. She has dedicated her 10 year long career to furthering the field of Massage Therapy and along with 5 other Remedial Massage Therapists and 4 training reps, she recently (2021) completed the revision and update of the National Diploma of Remedial Massage.
Leah became interested in massage therapy after she was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular condition, Cervical Dystonia, 14 years ago. Living well with chronic pain is not easy and Leah has first hand experience with the physical and mental challenges of daily pain and how to manage it. She works with Painaustralia, NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation, and NPS Medicinewise to further people’s understanding of chronic pain and pain management.
Leah also works with Pain Revolution and Our Recovery, two Australian organisations dedicated to pain education and advocacy. She has been involved as a Chief Investigator and Assistant Investigator in two recent pilot studies at Sydney University involving opioid and gabapentinoid harm reduction. The opioid harm reduction  pilot study was recently accepted to the British Medical Journal for publication.

Leah has also appeared in numerous television, newspaper and radio interviews discussing chronic pain and opioid harm reduction. Her most recent appearance was on the ABC show You Can’t Ask That – Prescription Drugs.
Due to her personal and work experience, Leah is particularly adept at explaining pain and has a thorough understanding of the nervous system. Leah understands that massage therapy works predominantly on the nervous system by calming the nerves through skilled touch; this in turn calms the brain which modulates the pain output.
Leah has been a keen sportswoman for 30+ years – running, cycling, horse riding, and multi day hiking. These days she can be found in her sea kayak on Sydney Harbour looking for adventure and avoiding sharks. She is also the busy mum of a severely Autistic young adult and a non-stop 18 year old. She fully appreciates the stress and physical fatigue of carers and parents.
Leah will do her utmost to provide a calm, relaxing environment in which to find the right solution for your pain. Each treatment is tailored to your needs whether it is chronic pain relief or relaxation, Leah is committed to helping all of her clients.
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Leah believes in the physiological and psychological power of regular massage. Physiologically, a regular massage can help reduce joint pain, relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, muscle tone, and reduce the production of stress hormones. Psychologically, massage can elevate mood, reduce stress, and facilitate a sense of well-being and calm.

Relaxation, remedial and sports massage are her main areas of interest. She is also passionate about hospital based massage and hopes it will continue to grow in popularity. Leah is also a champion of massage for the disabled especially Autism. As the mother of an autistic child she has experienced first hand the power of massage to settle and soothe her son.

Whatever your need, Leah is guaranteed to give you a well deserved hour of attention. Go on, just give her an hour to relax, revive and restore your mental and physical well being.